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  • Available Online

    Let's talk about how we can best help you and your business.

    30 min

  • Creative Direction, Strategy, and Implementation done for you.

    Consultation Needed
  • Coaching Program to help you establish your brand's unique identity.


    1,250 US dollars
  • Establish your unique brand, increase your visibility

    8,450 US dollars
  • Establish your brand's visual presence.

    2,495 US dollars
  • Designs that are unique to your brand's identity & grow your business.

    12,750 US dollars
  • Designs that are unique to your brand's identity & grow your business.

    250 US dollars
  • Get all of your branding visuals PLUS a web design.

    17,450 US dollars
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Define your brand's personality
Be confident in your values and ability to reach your full potential for success.
Are you an entrepreneur?  
Do you need a web design? Logo?
Or help determining your brand identity?
You need designs that REALLY resonate with you and represent your BRAND in the best possible way.
I help creative entrepreneurs recognize their value and establish a unique identity that resonates with their ideal audience by determining what visuals and messaging best represent their brand's vibe.



We will meet and talk about your business, vision, and goals to find out what you need to launch the brand of your dreams.

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Your brand should have its own voice and personality. During our brand strategy session, we develop messaging and determine the motivators of your ideal audience. This part of the process establishes the guidelines for your brand's unique identity and how to tell the stories that will grow your following.


Once you have established the personality and voice of your brand, we can create designs that best represent your defined identity and that will attract the audience you desire. Depending on your business's needs will determine the platforms your designs are created for.

When we're done you will have a completed brand guide that will help you to stay consistent and engaging. Successfully completing your brand design is about more than having a really nice logo, website, or social media template. Building a strong foundation based on purpose, before design, ensures that your visuals tell the right story and manifest your vision.

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