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My name is Irese Robinson.  I am a branding and visual designer that helps entrepreneurs that have chosen unconventional paths to thrive in their creative career by helping them to design the voice, story, and visuals that will take their brand to the next level.

My educational background is in Media Production, Communication Studies, and Digital Film and Video Production. I am also a licensed educator.

I am passionate about helping women and people of color, especially those from small rural areas that think that they have to move to a bigger city in order to thrive.  It is not only possible, but necessary to provide more creative services and unconventional businesses in areas that are not used to seeing them.

If that is you, I would love to assist you as you take your brand to the top. 

I also welcome you to join the New Freedom Hill Project, where the goal is to teach and connect creatives, and grow and nurture creative expression.

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